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Cooking classes:
A learning experience like no other...

"I could eat Ahmad's food exclusively, if given the chance, and would love to learn how to make all his dishes. He was a champion of eating and cooking with whole, organic, fresh foods long before doing so became fashionable. Taking cooking classes with him is almost as much fun as actually eating the food!"
-- Mary W., Maine

In my class, you'll discover delicious combinations of healthy and colorful foods! Together we'll prepare Arabic dishes that may include either soup, chicken, lamb, fish, vegetarian, or vegan dishes. I'll show you where to find high-quality ingredients, fresh herbs, and vegetables. We'll talk about what makes a harmonious Arabic meal, so you can be better prepared when you go out to dine in a middle eastern restaurant or shop at a store.

Cooking classes are only available for groups of 8 or more.

My classes are recommended by Boston Globe Magazine for "culinary anthropologists." We'll focus on how certain ingredient combinations work better than following a recipe. You'll learn some of the history behind the dishes, as well as some of the rich culinary traditions of Syria and Arab cuisine. Kul-HaneeAnn! (Enjoy!)

Cooking classes are more fun with a friend!

My classes are perfect for any group-based activity! I am happy to work with your schedule and budget to create a class customized just for you!


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Learn about Arabic recipes and ingredients, and discover delicious combinations of healthful and colorful foods.


From small parties to large corporate events, delight your guests with selections from Kareem's catering menu, customized just for you!


Kareem's Restaurant is available for rentals for parties and private dinners, with menus tailored for your event.

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