Menu: sample dishes

This is a sample of the dishes available for catering; contact me at to discuss a menu that works for your needs!

Chef Ahmad integrates classic Arabic cuisine with unique ingredients. Before placing your order, please let me know if anyone in your party has a food allergy or dietary restrictions. I can provide custom menus for small to large events.

Please note: These dishes are only a sample of what is available; my dishes can be made vegetarian or vegan upon request, and many dishes are gluten free (GF).


Classic Hommus
Deliciously creamy with fresh lemon juice, a hint of garlic, and tahineh. This world-famous chickpea purée is loved throughout the Arab world. (GF)

A delicious mix of ground walnuts, tangy tart pomegranate, Aleppo pepper, and spices. Muhammara means  “touch of red.” (GF)

Royal Hommus
Natural sweetness, a subtle beet flavor and a rich, glorious color. (GF)

Baba Ghannuj
A charcoal, smoky eggplant with garlic and Tahineh provide a light and wonderful flavor. Baba Ghannuj refers to the noble position of the eggplant in the Arabic vegetable hierarchy: Baba means Father. Ghannuj means spoiled. (GF)

Smoked Salmon Kibbeh
Our specialty, made with Norwegian smoked salmon, fine bulgur, capers, onions, extra virgin olive oil, and parsley.

Mekdoos is baby eggplant with walnuts, spices, and garlic, marinated in extra virgin olive oil. Available in season. Mekdoos means packed. (GF)

Vegetarian Grape Leaves
Our grape leaves are tangy, lemony and peppery. Filled with fresh herbs, garlic, spices, lemon juice, bulgur and extra virgin olive oil. A ZAGAT award winner!


A healthy and refreshing salad with a light lemon-based dressing, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, a hint of fresh mint, spices and herbs. The word Fatoosh derives from the Arabic root word “to crumble,” or small crunchy pieces of bread, an essential ingredient. (Can be made gluten free upon request!)

Cabbage Salad
This colorful, great looking salad is light to taste and loaded with nutrients. Cabbage has been part of the Arab culinary lexicon since medieval times. (GF)

Reehan Tayyib
Basil Salad. Deliciously pungent and spicy. 

Arugula Tomato Salad
A delicious peppery and tangy salad. 

Lamb Entrees

The beloved national dish to Syria and we take great pride in it. It is a mixture of ground lamb kneaded with bulgur. The filling consists of ground lamb cooked with onions, spices and pine nuts. Served with homemade yogurt.

Spiced Lamb with Potatoes. Traditional “Ovals” of spiced ground lamb, served with browned succulent potatoes. (GF) 

Stuffed Grape Leaves
A wonderful lemony flavor, our mixture of lean lamb, rice and cloves, rolled into the grape leaves cooked to perfection. Served with homemade yogurt. (GF)

Lahm Muhammar
Grilled marinated tender pieces of lamb. Served with vegetables of the day and rice pilaf. (GF)  

Eggplant browned and covered with ground lamb cooked with onions and pine nuts in a tangerine tarragon tomato sauce. (GF) 

Mihshi al Bazinjan
Baby eggplant stuffed with a mixture of lamb, rice, saffron, spices, garlic, and cooked in a fresh tangerine coriander tomato sauce.

Ardi Shoki Bil Lahm
Artichoke hearts topped with ground lamb, onions, pine nuts, and a lemony sauce. Served with yogurt. (GF)

Stuffed Squash with a mixture of lamb, rice, saffron, spices, garlic and cooked in fresh tangerine tomato sauce.

A very hearty meal, three-layered ground lamb kneaded with onions, spices, and herbs, topped with sliced thin potatoes and tomatoes. (GF)

Okra cooked with lean lamb, and flavored with garlic, spices, lemon juice and succulent tomatoes. Served with rice pilaf. (GF)

Seafood Entrees

Browned catch of the day (fish) served with rice, and flavored with spices, cooked onions, almonds and pine nuts. (GF)

Samaka Mushmushiyya
Halibut or haddock cooked with apricots, sweet potatoes, saffron, garlic, cabbage, leeks and harissa pepper. (GF)        

Spiced Haddock -made with pureed fire red pepper, sweet potatoes, garlic, leeks and spices. (GF)

Sautéed Shrimp
With mushrooms, garlic, onions, Aleppo pepper and spices. Served with rice pilaf. (GF)

Fresh lobster with succulent glazed peaches, spices and tarragon. Served with rice pilaf. (GF)

Glazed with rainbow carrots, almonds, garlic, and herbs. Served with rice pilaf.  

Samakah Hara
Spiced salmon marinated with harisa pepper, extra virgin olive oil and herbs. Served with rice or wheat pilaf. This entree is very popular in Syria and Lebanon along the Mediterranean coast.  

Poultry Entrees

A 9th century dish made with succulent braised chicken, rice, browned eggplant, almonds, and pine nuts. From Arabic, Maqlouba means inverted. very popular in Syria. (GF)

Dajaj Tajin
Chicken smothered with cardamom, a mix of spices known as Rass al Hanout, almonds and cranberry. Served with rice pilaf. (GF)

Mish Mish bil Dajaj
A very hearty meal, chicken flavored with succulent apricots, sweet potatoes, garlic, parsnips, cabbage, leeks, and herbs. (GF)

Grilled chicken topped with delicious caramelized pomegranate, honey, spices, succulent fresh tomatoes, and mint. Served with wheat pilaf. (GF)

Vegetarian Entrees

Vegetarian Kibbeh  
A delicious crust top and bottom layers made with golden fine bulgur. The center layer is a mixture of red pepper, onions and pine nuts. Served with homemade yogurt.

Natural sweetness chickpeas flavor with figs, walnuts, fennel, onions, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh herbs. (GF)

Brown lentils have been enjoyed for centuries in Syria. Traditionally, it is eaten as a meal with yogurt and accompanied with salad. It is loaded with iron. The lentils are cooked with rice or coarse bulgur and caramelized onions in olive oil or butter. 

Tibakh Rouho
Natural sweetness, the eggplants flavor with pomegranate, succulent tomatoes, chickpeas, garlic, spices and fresh mint. Served with bulgur.

Mahshi al Malfuf
Cabbage has been enjoyed in Syria for centuries. The Syrians are masters with stuffing vegetables. The cabbage leaves are rolled with chickpeas, bulgur, fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil. 

Homemade Desserts

A classic, 9th century Arabic dessert in which jubnah hulwah (Syrian white cheese) is baked between two layers of fine pastry. Baked to golden color, served warm, drizzled with orange blossom syrup. The traditional way is to accompany this wonderful dessert with Arabic black coffee.

Orange Blossom Baklawa
Our Baklawa is flaky, crispy, and not too sweet, made with fine pastry, walnut, butter, and homemade syrup.

Ma’moul bil Tamir
Dates Cookies. Natural sweetness, a traditional Arabic specialty. This and other cookies are served during and after the Eid of Ramadan. They are fabulous for a small or large gathering. Sugar free.

Ma’moul bil Jawz
Made with walnuts or pistachios or cheese, farina, flavored with orange blossom sprinkled with powdered sugar. They are mouth watering.

These buttery cookies melt in your mouth, and are light and smooth.  


Coffee and Tea
Arabic Coffee with cardamom
AHMAD -Black tea  
Organic homegrown mint tea

Homemade cold drinks 
Sharaab al Rawda -Pomegranate drink of the garden
Sharab al- Bustan -Sour grape cooling drink of the garden